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PI Summer School 2009

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Forwarding message:

Dear Colleague,

The registration is now open for the Perimeter Institute Summer School,
*“Exploring the Cosmological Frontiers”*, which will be held June 24 to July 1, 2009. This will be the seventh of an ongoing series of annual summer schools in theoretical physics. This year’s lecturers include: Neta Bahcall, Alessandra Buonanno, Paolo Creminelli, Olivier Dore, Jaume Garriga, Stephen Hawking, Jean-Luc Lehners, Avi Loeb, Leonard Susskind, Neil Turok and Neal Weiner.
Perimeter Institute Summer School 2009: Particle Physics, Cosmology & Strings: June 24 – July 1.

— End.

Nota: no site do PI, vejam os novos “Distinguished Research Chairs”… O que será que o PI está tramando? Dominar o mundo? :O

Aff… não bastava eles terem tomado uns meses do Hawking, fizeram o Turok de diretor!

A semana nos arXivs…

sexta-feira, 13 mar 2009; \11\America/New_York\America/New_York\k 11 Deixe um comentário
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